2021 Season Club Opening Plans:                                                                           

At the February 2021 board meeting the HROCC Board agreed to open the 2021 HROCC paddling season with a COVID safe operational plan that is fully compliant with state regulations. See FAQ's below.

Set dates:

  • Membership Enrollment Opened: March 16th.                                 
  • Hale Fence Install: April 15th.               
  • Hale Fence BIG Art Install: April 16th & 17th
  • Boat Transport: April 18th
  • Hale Finish Set Up: April 18th - 20th
  • Boats on Water/First Practice: Wednesday April 21st

2021 Season Opening FAQ's

  1. Is HROOC Opening?   Yes!  The Board has figured out how to open safely, and be compliant with all requirements that the governor has put in place.
  2. What is Practice Schedule? As of today, (and this may well change) we are starting out with 4 timeslots, because we’re guessing that lots of people won’t be up for paddling this early in the season.  Monday Early Practice, Monday Late Practice, Wednesday Early Practice and Wednesday Late Practice—same times as usual.  2 family members or 2 vaccinated pals can also paddle the OC 2’s at the community wide small boat group that Jeff and Van coordinate. Click here for the small boat paddle schedule.
  3. What about other practice times that we’ve had in prior years?  If you’re an approved steer and want to lead a practice, super!  Let us know!
  4. When is first practice? Wednesday April 21st 
  5. Do we have to wear a mask? Yes! The whole time! Currently, this is a state requirement—it’s not a rule HROCC generated; it’s an OR state rule that HROCC has to follow.
  6. Do we have to stay 6 feet apart?  Yes!  Currently, this is a state requirement—it’s not a rule HROCC generated; it’s an OR state rule that HROCC has to follow. There are two exceptions; 1) Family members don’t  have to stay away from their own family members 2) Vaccinated people don’t have to stay away from other vaccinated people.
  7. What can we as members, do to help?  1) Share Your Vaccination Status.  If you've been vaccinated, click HERE to share your info in our poll.  If you are willing to openly share your vaccination status, that will be very helpful for seating the boats.  We’re assuming people haven’t been vaccinated unless they tell us otherwise. 2) Paddle with your Family! Please coordinate sign up so that you attend the same practice as a family member if possible. The more family members and vaccinated people in the mix at a given practice, the more seating options we have to run fully seated or close to fully seated boats.  Those are the two best ways to maximize the number of people that get to paddle. 3) Be Patient and Flexible!  Seating is tricky under the current  state regulations. At the start, you may not get to paddle as frequently as you are accustomed to, and we may not have boats that are fully seated, but we sure hope that will change over the course of the season as the vaccination continues to roll out. 
  8. When can we sign up?  March 16th - You can go to the website and pay dues/ sign waivers any time after that!
  9. What if we’re not comfortable/ don’t feel safe?  Please stay home for now, and we’ll look forward to seeing you later in the season. You can join at any time, no problem at all. 
  10. What about Race? For now, there are no race practices happening, so if you were paying for those in the past via a $250 membership, you can switch to the $175 dues level if you want.  You could also still pay $250 and donate the difference to help us recoup lost revenue from last year : ) Click here for PNWORCA event schedule.
  11. What if I paid last year? We know who you are, and we can waive your dues for this year.  You still need to please sign waivers for 2021 though. Click HERE to sign 2021 waivers.


  • WEAVING THE RIVER: A COMMUNITY ARTS INSTALLATION ($1500)  With a grant from Hood River Cultural Trust, and a private donor, HROCC is partnering with professional textile artist, ChloĆ« Hight, to create a community art weaving installation at Nichols basin to be installed on the entire 48 foot north wall of the 2021 Hale!!! The art is a celebration of the river, and includes an educational and celebratory acknowledgement of indigenous communities and life ways.  

The project also seeks to capture what paddling means to the community into the art itself in a way that acknowledges that is different for everyone If you want to participate click HERE

We’d love for people to be part of the exhibit install happening in Mid April.  You can sign up on Team Cowboy under HROCC Events for this if you want to be participate. It should be super fun!

  • BLUE FUTURES FOR KEIKI ($1500) This grant outfits HROCC with a new set of canoe hauling wheels. and can also be used to help cover the cost of bringing in external people to educate youth, establish a scholarship fund to help cover the cost of youth participation in fun events outside of The Gorge and… Keiki bling… brightly colored (shirts or hats) … because… who doesn’t love bling!
  • PRIVATE DONOR (CLUB MEMBER) SHOUT OUT ($400): Thank You for the generous donation, intended to help offset Co-vid related revenue loss from 2020!


Help safely seat boats by VOLUNTARILY sharing  your Co-vid vaccination status HERE!

Hood River Outrigger Canoe Club is a 501(c)3 all volunteer non-profit organization 

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