Paddler Etiquette & Responsibilities

Some Basic Protocol and Etiquette in Paddling:

  • Be on time for practice and races showing respect for your fellow paddler. Let the scheduler or coach know well beforehand if you will be late or absent. 
  • Silence in the canoe is golden while training. Everyone needs to be listening to the steers, listening for the change, and keeping their focus on their technique & timing. 
  • Always focus on how YOU can make the canoe faster and smoother. Do not distract your performance by focusing on what you think someone else is doing wrong. If you feel the need to say something, kindly talk to your steers after practice. We all need to maintain an open and respectful attitude. It's all about the BLEND.
  • Eyes always forward watching the paddler and paddle in front of you.
  • Never step over the hull of the canoe or lay on the Ama! This is considered very bad luck and disrespectful to the canoe. The Hawaiians are very respectful of the outrigger canoe. If you really need to step over the Ama, do so carefully.
  • Everyone needs to help launch and land the canoe, clean and wipe it out and make sure it is securely placed and the covers put on. If you are unable to lift or push, help by collecting paddles or other equipment to make it an easier job for all. Note: If you are placing the canoe moving wheels under the canoe, start the entry forward, paddlers are holding the canoe up and then slide it under '"IGG" in "Outrigger"
  • Always cheer the canoe when finished paddling or racing!
  • Always maintain good sportsmanship with your crew and all other club members.
  • Practice the O'hana spirit with a warm welcoming attitude that extends to everyone! A success for one is a success for us all!

Paddler Responsibilities:

Individual - To yourself... Participate fully as your life situation/desires allow. Come to practice committed to being the best  paddler/team member you can possibly be, acknowledge you have room to grow and execute those things that help you realize your paddling goals.  

Crew - Be responsible and committed to your teammates. Be a positive energy that is present at practices and encouraging and inclusive to all members.

Club - To your place in our paddling club & culture... work hard to gain respect and give it freely when earned. Be the example that others choose to follow and imitate. Always remember you are part of a tradition that honors those who came before us and those who wish to follow in our footsteps.

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