Want to become a Steers ? Be watching here soon to find out what is takes........

At HROCC, steers have an important role in providing a safe experience and good judgment during a club event, while also working to meet the objective of the event and promote an environment that is fun and builds o’hana, a close, respectful, supportive family of friends.

A Support Steer provides steering for boats  as directed by the approved steers and/ or coaches during an HROCC group paddle and club events.  While an Approved Steer (see below) is in command of the multi-boat event,  the Support Steer is in command of their individual boat and follows the plan and direction of the Approved Steer.  A Support Steer may substitute for and Approved Steer during club events when specifically requested by a group steers, coach or the board under specified restrictions on course, conditions, crew, equipment, etc.

An Approved Steer leads groups of 1 or more boats as the primary person in charge, ensure the safety rules are followed for the members and equipment, and support the club and board as senior members of HROCC.  An Approved Steer is senior in knowledge, skill and experience.  They must be a person that has demonstrated responsibility, leadership, solid judgment and the ability to command multiple boats thru the course of a paddling event.  Additionally, an Approved Steer is expected to provide additional leadership within to club as requested by the board.

HROCC has a self-directed program for those interested in learning to steer. 

For more specific information on this program, email admin@hoodriveroutrigger.com

Hood River Outrigger Canoe Club is a 501(c)3 all volunteer non-profit organization 

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